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Ready to do away with messy and incomplete Hazardous Area Verification Dossiers?

Introducing Ex-Online, a cloud based tool that defines the dossier framework and creates an environment for consistent input of data by you and your vendors, saving thousands of hours in double-handling of equipment and inspection documentation.

Ex-Online - Clean up your Hazardous Area compliance.

Why we built Ex-Online


As experienced EEHA practitioners we knew there was a better way to manage hazardous area inspections and compliance dossiers for our customers. There was no existing software solution that met our needs, so we built it ourselves.

Misunderstood conversation

Confusion about dossier requirements can result in incorrect, inconsistent and unnecessary documentation (especially when managing multiple sites!) and it all adds cost and time.


Ex-Online is designed to be used at all stages of a project, from initial design through construction and into operations. Using the system we're achieving 30% time savings compared to traditional methods of compiling a dossier and completing equipment inspections.

The Ex-Online Process


Establish dossier and
import your data




with dossier


Manage defects and
maintain compliance


Ex-Online Features


Take your
dossier anywhere

Your dossier is in the cloud. It’s secure and you can access it anywhere with an internet connection, so it's easy to keep it up to date.


inspections offline

Your dossier is supported by a tablet app which works offline, so you can complete your equipment inspections on site and then synchronise with your dossier when you’re back in the office.


Scalable as your
needs change

Whether you’re a one man business or at the big end of town, we have a solution that fits you - and it can grow as you do.


Real time
dossier overview

Quickly identify defect, compliance problems or upcoming inspection requirements for equipment.

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